John P. Wise
This series of digital collages, pays homage to a traditional format presented
in a contemporary medium. The work is based in the most ordinary visual
found objects, starting with little more coherence than an assemblage of things
I find to be visually interesting. It is an exploration and interpretation of my
visual environment, infused with an awareness of modern art history and
influenced by my personal art history and aesthetic. They are a mix of scans,
graphic elements, paint, photographs, and whimsy, pasted together on the
computer. Kind of an electronic revival of Dada, Rauschenberg, Schwitters
and/or Cornell, not to mention Man Ray plus a hint of Surrealism.

Older work that is sampled in archive files, while meritorious (Smithsonian
and Baltimore Museum collections plus one-man shows at Jefferson Place
Gallery, Washington), appears here as support material for the evolutionary
process of my work. While I am by no means prolific, the mental and emotional
trajectory of my artistic development has persisted through the years.